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" I'm in love with the way you've kept me sane, and, at times, chaotic."

Skin -  Page 9, Marabou

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Reading Marabou



" I chose to take my time reading Marabou. I devoured it slowly, reading one of the five sections at the end of each day with a cup of tea as part of my evening routine. Ashley’s words were like a lullaby that rocked me to sleep. She has an incredibly talent of taking you on a journey. As I read, I felt like I could hear, taste and see through her eyes. As a black woman, I resonated deeply with her words. I re-read many of the poems. “Skin” made me tear up “G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S” gave me chills, “Matches” was sobering, “Hips and Dips” was a whole MOOD! The artwork is beautiful and it is as much a part of the story of MARABOU, as the poetry. I am so in love with the painting on page 8 especially. There is so much to say, but really, it’s best that you read it and experience it for yourself. MARABOU has been a wonderful addition to my library.

- Esther

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