Ashley Odilia Armand is a multidimensional woman of Haitian descent.
Born in 1993 to a Deaf Haitian Mother in the US, Ashley was raised in a home deeply infused with her Caribbean roots. 

Ashley has been writing short stories and poetry independently for over ten years. Her writing grew into her various expressions of activism and a healthy form of escapism.
Ashley has a Master's in Public Policy and a Bachelors' in Sociology- minoring in theoretical and applied ethics. As a multihyphenate, Ashley is deeply interested in social policy, ethical data, centering equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging in diverse and transformative spaces. Ashley is also a proud CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult).
Ashley hopes that her rhythms within her work can help celebrate the love one has for themselves and the skin that keeps them whole. Ashley also hopes that her work can lead you to retreat within, be introspective, and welcome emotions for what they are: medicine.

When she isn't writing or creating, you can find her smiling endlessly, painting with her oils, or finding new ways to explore the world- possibly with a few scoops of ice cream and some neo-soul music to accompany her along the way.

Marabou is her first published poetry collection.

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