Ashley is a a freelance writer with over 10 years of work that encompasses poetry, policy briefing, short stories, and op-eds.


In September 2020, Ashley published her debut poetry collection "Marabou". Marabou guides the reader into a portal centered on the intricacies of falling in admiration with yourself by first recognizing the tenderness of being covered by your skin and the beauty that saunters underneath its surface. Armand guides you on a journey through her delicate lens as she infuses her rich Caribbean culture into each section of this collection in an exceptionally vivid way.

In Marabou, the stories, melodies, and cadences steer the reader into going within to track, identify, and hold their feelings accountable while feeling as if they were within these poems.

Armand’s poems grapple with expressions that manifest through explorations of sentimental intimacies like foaming hot chocolates and paint strokes that birth nations while utilizing an in-depth understanding of spirituality’s transformative power Armand’s poems bring you to feel, in a chilling, playful way. The reader goes on a healing journey through a dynamic narrative that allows these poems to feel like medicine, rhythm, and movement.



" I chose to take my time reading Marabou. I devoured it slowly, reading one of the five sections at the end of each day with a cup of tea as part of my evening routine. Ashley’s words were like a lullaby that rocked me to sleep. She has an incredibly talent of taking you on a journey. As I read, I felt like I could hear, taste and see through her eyes. As a black woman, I resonated deeply with her words. I re-read many of the poems. “Skin” made me tear up “G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S” gave me chills, “Matches” was sobering, “Hips and Dips” was a whole MOOD! The artwork is beautiful and it is as much a part of the story of MARABOU, as the poetry. I am so in love with the painting on page 8 especially. There is so much to say, but really, it’s best that you read it and experience it for yourself. MARABOU has been a wonderful addition to my library.+

- Esther

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